In 2011 Berrigan Shire residents, businesses, local schools and services clubs were invited to participate in the development of Berrigan Shire 2022 and Beyond. After a series of town planning forums and a Future’s Conference (June 2011) attended by residents, local business, non-government service providers and state government agencies the top three preferred futures of each town were used to establish the Vision and top 5 preferred futures for the Berrigan Shire and its communities.

 Namely that in 2023 "we will be recognised as a Shire that builds on and promotes our natural assets and advantages to create employment and economic activity to attract residents, families and tourists"

Berrigan Shire 2027 and Beyond is the Council’s and our local communities’ opportunity to review the Council’s and community’s contribution to the vision. It is a conversation with our communities about:
1. Did the Council do what it said it would do?
2. Is our community closer to achieving its preferred future? and
3. How do we know this?
4. Where are we now? For information about where we are now, click on the link to the survey below 
5. Where do we want the Shire Council and its towns to be in 2027 and beyond? and
6. What can the community and the Council do to get there?

Why should you become involved?
  • The Community Strategic Plan is the highest level plan that a Council in NSW can prepare. 
  • It is a Council's and a community’s social, economic and environmental blueprint for the next ten years.
  • It is the plan that must be used by Councils to guide strategic decisions about Council activities and the range of services to be provided by Councils. 
  • The Community Strategic Plan is used by Councils and State Government Agencys’ (health, education, primary industries, emergency services, police, etc.) to plan services 
  • Importantly, for local communities and Councils, the Community Strategic Plan is used by the State Government to identify and link State government priorities to local projects and priorities. 
It is therefore, very important that our communities tell us and the State government about what actions are needed to support the social, economic and financial wellbeing and aspirations of our communities and the broader region.

So where do we want to be in 2027? Tell us what is important to you by completing our 5 minute online survey For more information contact Jo Ruffin Strategic and Social Planning Coordinator by phoning 03 5888 5100

Survey link 

Community Engagement Program Berrigan Shire 2027.pdf 

Survey closes 18 November 2016

Contacting Council

Office: 56 Chanter Street, Berrigan.
Office hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Monday to Friday.
(03) 5888 5100
(03) 5885 2092
Post: Berrigan Shire Council
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