This strategy identifies the steps the Shire and its communities’ need to take to be ageing-ready and in doing so it considers how the local economy, the amenity of our communities can be sustained and ‘add’ to the quality of life, health and wellbeing experienced by residents as they age.

Informed by the experience and knowledge of a Reference Group comprising representatives from local service providers, health services, business, education and neighbouring Shire’s (Appendix I) the development of a whole of Council approach toward population ageing strengthens Council’s commitment to integrated planning in our communities and the furtherance of Berrigan Shire 2023: Community Strategic Plan action that our communities and Council will facilitate all age healthy lifestyles and ageing in place.

Moreover, a whole of council approach is evidence of Council’s support for existing community partnerships between Allied Health, aged care providers, community services and local business within the Shire and adjoining districts.

Contemporary approaches toward ageing recognise the diversity of people as they age. At the Shire’s Ageing and Liveability Workshop (March 2012) Appendix II participants noted that Shire residents at:
  • 55 years of age were focused on financial security while continuing in the workforce either full time or part time 
  • 65 years of age caring for grandchildren figured more prominently and volunteering was also noted as being important 
  • 75 years of age volunteering continued to be important as were concerns about health issues. 
  • 85 years of age workshop participants commented that living independently at home was seen to be important as well as remaining socially active; and that at 
  • 95 years of age the need for home support services became evident. 
As health services improve, life expectancy increases, and the median age of our communities increases. Therefore the social and economic wellbeing of the Shire and its communities is now more so than ever, dependent on the continued inclusion and participation of people as they age as volunteers, carers, employers, employees and engaged ratepayers / residents.

The development by Council of this comprehensive and researched Strategy would not have been possible without the financial support of Local Government NSW and the New South Wales Government through its Ageing and Liveability Grant Program.

Berrigan Shire Liveability and Healthy Ageing Strategy 2013-2017 - adopted 20 November 2013
Appendix I - Health Ageing and Liveability Reference Group
Appendix II - Liveable Communities Workshop Report
Appendix III - Liveability and Ageing Data Profile
Appendix IV - Ageing in Place Survey Summary
Appendix V - Focus Group Outcomes Report
Appendix VI - AEC Group Final Report - Ageing and Wellbeing Strategy

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