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Minutes of meeting of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Berrigan Heavy Vehicle Workshop


The Berrigan Shire Council hosted a meeting of interested parties on 16th May 2017 to determine heavy vehicle access pinch points within the Murray region and actions to improve these points.

Below are the minutes from the workshop held during the morning:

Minutes from National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Berrigan Heavy Vehicle Workshop 16 May 2017.

Draft Active Ageing & Disabilty Inclusion Action Plan 2017 – 2021


The Council has adopted a draft Active Ageing and Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017 – 2021. Community feedback and comment is invited before the Council adopts at the June 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting its Active Ageing and Disability Inclusion Plan 2017 – 2021.

A copy of the draft plan can be viewed online at or via the Council’s Facebook page. For more information contact: Jo Ruffin, Strategic and Social Planning Coordinator by phoning 0358885100 or email

Draft Active Ageing & Disability Inclusion Action Plan  2017 – 2021

Accessible Draft Active Ageing & Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017 - 2021 - plain English

Tocumwal Foreshore Masterplan


The Berrigan Shire Council has adopted the Foreshore Masterplan - a document guiding the future direction and planning for the development of Tocumwal's Foreshore Reserve. 

The Foreshore Master Plan is integrated with the Council's Planning for Tocumwal's Town Entries.

Tocumwal's new Foreshore Master Plan drew on the ideas of community members, the expertise of contemporary urban and landscape designers, also engineering and environmental management expertise to ensure that we have a plan for a sustainable natural and built landscape connecting residents, visitors and the broader community to the River. 

The Plan has involved months of research and consultation, led by Council and Liesl Malan Landscape Architects resulting in the development of a thorough and integrated understanding of the complexities of the foreshore and its relationship to the River and the town. 

Consultation with residents, the Foreshore Committee of Management, local business, government and the wider community was at the core of the planning process. Community engagement included a sausage sizzle on the foreshore. This consultation was open to all and discussed concepts and a preferred site for a splash park. Interviews with young families and school students on water play values also informed the Plan's development. The interviews conducted with local business and Tocumwal's Foreshore Committee also provided insight into the vital role played by the Foreshore and its contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of Tocumwal. Extensive consultation and consideration of professional advice related to the River and the integrity of flood management infrastructure are also evident in the final Plan. 

Councillor Matthew Hannan, Mayor of the Berrigan Shire, said 'Tocumwal's Foreshore Master Plan recognises the importance to the Tocumwal community and the broader Shire of the Foreshore and the need to plan for its development.' Planning that is needed he said, to develop one of the Shire’s greatest assets – “Tocumwal's connection to the Murray River." 

“Maintaining the natural environment while working toward the development of attractive space open and used by all members of the community is a key challenge and one that has been achieved by the Master Plan.”

Tocumwal Foreshore MasterPlan

Pecuniary Interests 2016


The following Pecuniary Interest Returns in accordance with Section 450a of the Local Government Act were duly completed by:


  • Ross Bodey
  • John Bruce
  • Bernard Curtin
  • Matthew Hannan
  • Denis Glanville
  • Colin Jones
  • Darryl Morris
  • John Taylor


  • Rowan Perkins  (General Manager)
  • Matthew Hansen  (Director Corporate Services)
  • Fred Exton  (Director Technical Services)
  • Laurie Stevens  (Development Manager)
  • Nathan O’Connell  (Building Surveyor)
  • Michelle Koopman  (Enterprise Risk Manager)
  • Carla von Brockhusen  (Finance Manager)
  • David Basil  (Operations Manager)
  • Myles Humphries  (Environmental Engineer)
  • Merran Socha  (Economic Development Officer)
  • Camillus O’Kane  (Town Planner)
  • Joanne Ruffin  (Strategic & Social Planning Coordinator)

Street renaming in Finley and Tocumwal


Roads Act 1993, Roads Regulation 2008

In accordance with the above legislation Berrigan Shire Council hereby gives notice that it has re-named a number of duplicated and interrupted streets and an un-named laneway. The Road names have been advertised in the NSW Government Gazette No. 22 on the 13 March, 2015. Signage reflecting the changes will be erected in the week beginning 7 April, 2015.

The changes are indicated in the following Table:


Contacting Council

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