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Finley School of Arts - part 2


The first School of Arts was destroyed by fire in 1901 and was sold by the insurance company to a private purchaser.  The location for rebuilding at that site had become unsuitable due to the fact that the railway had come to town and the town was split apart by the railway line.

The location at the corner of Murray and Wollamai Streets was available and so the insurance monies were invested in the building of the new School of Arts. The new School of Arts was officially opened by Jim Moodie on 24 August 1904 three years after the original hall burnt down.

At this time the hall was the only building in that area of town and it featured two anterooms and a porch in front.  It was not ceiled and the interior brickwork was left exposed by later rendering.  There was a temporary stage but no dressing rooms.

Considerable improvements were effected some eight years later in 1912 when the hall featured in the newly established Finley Mail, mentioning a function to launch the new-look hall, in which the ceiling had been steel lined (Wunderlich), a permanent stage with attractive proscenium fitted (a word which was used to describe the angel sides and tip which ‘picture framed’ the stage) and the walls had been kalsomined.

Some years later the School of Arts was expended to the west, allowing for additional floor space and windows, with an enlarged stage and two dressing rooms to the right and left of the stage.


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