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Schools of Berrigan Shire


Due to the fact that a century ago most students were required to make the trek to school by foot, with few fortunate enough to have a horse, schools were more prevalent but with lower numbers. As mentioned in previous posts there was a requirement to have a minimum of twelve students for the Education Department to grant classification as a Provisional School and a minimum of 25 students to be classified as a Public School. This meant that in the Berrigan District alone there were quite a few schools that came and went based on the number of students within the drawing radius.

Many schools were in existence in various parts surrounding the Berrigan district over the years, but the exact location of these is not easy to pinpoint, and also some schools probably had various homes as they were moved to satisfy the growing population. The schools were named Warragabogra, Leniston, Nangunia, Nangunia South, Wanborough, Osborne Well, Trefoil Park and Green Swamp Road. All have disappeared from the scene as transport has improved and larger schools in the towns have absorbed the students.

The Rev. John Dykes notes that he preached in the school adjoining Dalmally in 1885, this being known as Warragobogra School though Department of Education records the school as being open only from 1916 to 1929 with the spelling Warragubogra. The Advocate mentions Leniston in issues of 1892, it was open from 1887 to 1907. Agitation began for a school at Trefoil Park in 1905 and their request was soon granted. There was a school at Warmatta from 1902 to 1914. Green Swamp Road opened in 1922 and closed again in 1965, and a school at Wanborough emerged in 1933 which closed in 1947. The commencement date of the Osborne Well School is not known but it is stated as opening in 1917, it first closed in 1948 but then prospered again, only to close when numbers dwindled once more in 1974.

SCHOOL Opening date Closing date
Barooga Jan 1896 open
Berrigan Oct 1891 open
Boomanoomana Jul 1895 Dec 1952
Boomanoomana South Mar 1937 Feb 1951
Finley Apr 1895 open
Green Swamp Road Jan 1922 May 1965
Lalalty Jan 1884 May 1981
Leniston Jan 1887 May 1907
Nangunia Jun 1886 Mar 1932
Nangunia South Apr 1899 Dec 1914
Osborne Well Jul 1917 Dec 1974
Tocumwal Mar 1881 open
Trefoil Park Jul 1904 Jun 1914
Wanborough Jan 1933 Apr 1947
Warmatta Sep 1902 Jun 1914
Warragubogra Jun 1916 Aug 1929


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