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Tocumwal Fire Brigade


Town and bush fire brigades have been in existence since the early days but it was not until 29 July 1946 that the NSW Board of Fire Commissioners formed the Tocumwal Voluntary Fire Brigade with a strength of 14 men under Captain WJ Millman Jr. The original fire engine was a Garford Hale (as featured in our picture) but this was changed for a more modern Dennis Engine in December 1951.

The Fire Brigade was stationed in temporary quarters until the Hon TJ Smith, President of the Board of Fire Commissioners opened the new Fire Station on 8 June 1951.

The Tocumwal Fire Brigade members are now also Tocumwal First Responders. In the absence of an ambulance service to the township of Tocumwal the Fire Brigade First Responders have been trained to deal with medical emergencies, and it is a very welcome sight to see the fire engine heading towards you with lights flashing in your moment of need. Though I have seen a few confused children trying to work out where they are going to lie down in the back of the truck!

Information sourced from Tocumwal Centenary 1857 - 1957, photo of Engine housed at NSW Museum of Fire, sourced from Fire Engine Photos on the web.


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