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Finley Railway Precinct


The Finley Railway Precinct is a rarity in that it is still intact, demonstrating the history and design of the first pioneer branch lines in NSW and the change from British to American railway construction techniques during the 1890s. The station building is the earliest surviving timber pioneer railway station building in NSW constructed in 1898 for the opening of the line. 

The station building is also one of only eight surviving pioneer station buildings in NSW that demonstrate the emergence of a distinct Australian style influenced by Federation sentiment and economic rationalism of the period. The precinct includes the station building, parcels office, signal box, goods shed, grain shed, crane and other related items. While many alterations have been made since 1898, including adding a standard level platform, the original station at ground level still stands. The Railway Precinct and station provides you with a history of the railway and how the town had developed from its arrival until its suspension in 1987.

The line from Berrigan to Finley was the state’s first pioneer railway, based on the traditional American ‘Pioneer’ approach of building a railway at minimum cost. This concept meant that only earth was used as ballast for the sleepers instead of the blue metal we use today), there was no raised platform and no fences on either side of the line. This allowed the railway line to be built from Narrandera to Jerilderie which made it possible for places such as Finley to have its own railway line. 

The Finley Railway Precinct has been lovingly conserved by the Finley Pioneer Railway Committee and it is well worth a visit.

Information sourced from a Finley flyer produced by the Finley Chamber of Commerce and Heritage information from NSW Government.


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