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History of Tocumwal


In the very early days a large English syndicate owned all the land in this district from somewhere near Deniliquin to Mulwala.

In the early 1850’s a regular crossing place had been established somewhere in the vicinity of the town and it is thought the first buildings were built in or near the present town site about 1857 or 1858 but unfortunately only very sparse details are available. It is believed that Patrick Hennessey owned half the land at this time, and a Mr Boyd was the owner of the other half, having purchased it from the Hennessy’s.

A letter from the Lands Department in 1852 states “One section at Tucumival, (spelt correctly) bounded on the west by a line bearing north one mile distant 10 chains west from Mr Boyd’s sheep station, on the north by a line east 1 mile, on the east by a line south 1 mile. This is on Mr Boyd’s run at the point where the Tuppal Creek bursts into the Murray”.

Edward Hillson arrived in Tocumwal in 1860 and purchased about 5,000 acres from Patrick Hennessey, which included the town area.
Tocumwal was notified as a village on the 18th July 1862.

Information sourced from Back to Tocumwal Centenary 1857 - 1957. Photo from State Library NSW


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