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The Blowhole north of Tocumwal


It's generally accepted that Tocumwal (originally Tucumival) was named after an Aboriginal word meaning "deep hole" or "pit", and that it was the abode of a native spirit which was accustomed to flit from the river underground by a subterranean passage and bob up at the Blow Hole in the granite formation at the Rocks.


The "Blow Hole" is the small outcrop of rocks which is near "The Rocks" area, approximately 11km north-east of Tocumwal on the Rocks Road and has been closely associated with the folklore of the area.  When the Murray River is low, the blowhole flows and bubbles. It seems to "come alive". Some people say the aborigines believed a giant Murray Cod lived at the bottom.

The sign at the site states:

  •         Known to be sacred to the Ulupna and Bangarang Aboriginal Tribes
  •         Bubbles and flows during times of drought and low river
  •         Believed by Aboriginals to be connected by underground stream to a deep hole in the river near Tocumwal township
  •         It is said that an aboriginal chased into it came out near Tocumwal bridge
  •         Actual depth 15 feet with a deeper narrower hole to 80 feet.
  •         Hollow sound on the south side may be a cavern

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