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The Royal Hotel Berrigan


Although the last hotel to be built in the early upsurge of the town getting under way, the Royal, under the management and guidance of Ned McGrady prospered. Apart from also being a great townsman which appeared to be something traditional for publicans in those days, the host of the Royal was also a very astute businessman and was always well to the fore with new ideas, and these mainly concerned comfort for patrons and adequate lighting was one of these.
McGrady installed the first pressurised lights and then later possibly at the conclusion of the 1st world War put in the first generating plant.

He had before this build a substantial hall which became the popular theatre of the town, and this, with the advent of electricity to hotel and hall, became even a more popular rendezvous.

McGrady departed from Berrigan some time later to take up land at Merriwagga and it is not known whether he was still in charge at the Royal when hotel and hall were both gutted by fire in the mid-twenties. The hotel was rebuilt in 1925, a solid brick structure of two storeys but the theatre hall was passed over.

Information sourced from "Berrigan, Today and Yesterday", by Ian Fuzzard, 1965 . Photos from and mattinbgn on Wikimedia commons.


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