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Finley Public School


The first public school in Finley, as previously reported, was the School of Arts Hall from 1895, which left the hall unable to be used for the majority of the week. 

 This was only rectified a year later and not to a standard approved by either the school teacher or parents of pupils. Built on the site of the current school, the 17’ x 14’ x 9’ weatherboard building was classified as utterly inadequate as it had neither a verandah nor fireplace, and was described as being “as hot as hell in summer and as cold as a penguins instep in winter”. A further twelve months later the verandah and fireplace were both erected.

The Progress Association took up the matter of the 17’ x 14’ building and the original brick building, of 36’ x 21’ x 14’ was erected just east of the original structure, dwarfing it. At this time there was accommodation for eighty pupils at only eight desks.

Additions to the building were completed in 1925 to accommodate the then enrolled 120 students. Through World War II the number of students remained static but then rose in the years following. By 1950 the school had been upgraded to enable pupils to sit for both Intermediate and Leaving Certificates and the school was designated Finley Intermediate High School.

Finley High School, as previously reported, was finally constructed by 1957 returning the original school to primary status.


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