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Television reception issues in the Berrigan Shire - call to action.


We have had numerous residents contact ACMA and, to date, none have received a satisfactory response. There is a website that ACMA have established that advises residents of the quality of their reception. On this website the whole northern region of the Shire is recognised as having poor coverage, as are areas in and around Tocumwal, confirming what we already know. Attached is the map from the mySwitch website:

The next course of action is to have as many people as possible complain about the state of television reception in the region. If you are affected we ask that you write, email,or fax ACMA with your issue to ensure that we, as a community, are heard. Berrigan Shire Council has also written to ACMA in this regard.

By email:

By facsimile: 02 6219 5346

By post: Interference

Australian Communications and Media Authority
              PO Box 78
              Belconnen ACT 2616

Berrigan Shire goes social!


You may not have noticed, but Berrigan Shire Council has entered the world of social media. The Council’s social media platforms are a great way to stay in touch with events, activities and other information about the Council and Berrigan Shire.

You can find the Council’s social media platforms at:

·          Facebook – Berrigan Shire Council
Berrigan Shire Library Service                     
                                    Tocumwal Residential Airpark

·          Twitter – @berriganshire


·          Instragram – berriganshire

     YouTube - (search Berrigan Shire)

 Other social media sites relating to Council activities

·    Berrigan War Memorial Swimming Pool – 

·    Tocumwal Swimming Pool – 

·    Finley War Memorial Swimming Pool – 

·    Barooga Advancement Group – 

·    Barooga Community Botanical Gardens –

Fruit Fly videos up on YouTube!


Berrigan Shire Council, in conjunction with Moira Shire Council, have put together some informative fruit fly videos. These are each only 2 to 3 minutes long and well worth watching. Tom Brown and Lou Newman provide some great hints and tips - they are well worth watching. The first one is about baiting, the second about netting and the third about what to do if you have an infestation.

Safety concerns over Garbage Trucks collecting bins in Courts


DSK Waste Services have asked that residents in Courts please place their bins on the straight part of the road, not on the curved end.

This is to avoid damage to vehicles and the road surface of the court, and for the safety of residents.

A diagram is attached to help explain what DSK Waste Services are requesting.

We thank you for your co-operation

Please check with Council before conducting Driveway works


 In recent weeks there have been several enquiries and some confusion over the responsibility for property owners in relation to property accesses, specifically around construction and ongoing maintenance of driveways and culverts.

Any excavations/ construction within the road reserve requires consent from the Council. As part of the application for consent, the applicant must provide a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of $20 million which indemnifies the person carrying out the works.

Where the applicant employs a contractor to carry out the works, the contractor’s public liability insurance can be used as long as it complies with the requirements.  Alternatively, the applicant can apply to their insurance company and establish an extension through their house and contents insurance that covers them for the proposed construction works.

Following the construction of a property access including stormwater access culverts and driveways within the road reserve, it is the property owner’s responsibility for its ongoing maintenance and for rectifying any defects. Failure to rectify defects and hazards on a property access may result in an order being served to the property owner.

The legislation regarding property accesses in the road reserve may be found in the Roads Act 1993. Failure to obtain consent will result in penalties as set out in the Roads Act.

Feature your event on our pages


We are amassing a great following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Youtube - so thank you to all who have supported us.

One thing we love about having this connection with you is that we are able to bring you information about what is happening around our wonderful Shire; from upcoming events to good news stories.

Having said that, there is nothing worse than when we hear, after the fact, about an event that we could have featured on our pages.

If you are planning an event, or need to get some information out to the residents of our Shire, please let us know. Keep in mind though, as we are a Government body, there are certain things we cannot cover, and we also can't be seen to be favouring one business over another.

National Toilet Map


The National Toilet Map can tell you where all public toilets are located along your trip, including those located in the Berrigan Shire, this also includes dump points for caravans and RVs.

Visit, and whilst having a rest, please visit one of our wonderful eateries located in the area, there are some great cafes located in the townships of the Shire.

For maps of all the towns in the Berrigan Shire please visit our Maps page.

Printer Cartridge Recycling available through the Shire Offices


Berrigan Shire Council has collection points for the recycling of toner and ink jet cartridges in the Council Chamber which is available for use by anyone in the Shire.  

In the last financial year a total of over 100kgs was recycled through just this Shire.  It would be great if we were able to double or triple this amount in this next financial year.

Are you a problem dog owner?


Dogs that are poorly cared for cause problems.  Barking, straying and harassing pedestrians passing by are all symptoms of people not paying enough attention to their animals.


Solid fencing and restraint to the backyard can help.  Regular exercise is another good idea.


Are you aware that Council attends around 3-4 complaints every week about dogs that could be stopped if their owners took more care?  When Council investigates complaints it costs you, the community, money.


We would like nothing better than to never have a complaint.  The money saved could be put to achieve far better outcomes for the community.

1.    Dogs are not permitted in public places except when on a leash under the control of a responsible person.
2.    Dogs must be registered and wear a collar and tag.
3.    All dogs must be microchipped.

The fines for non-compliance with these basic rules are substantial, up to $220.  Council’s Ranger patrols every town at least every week.

Menacing Dog new legislation

The NSW State Government has announced amendments to the Companion Animals Act would be introduced to create a new category of “menacing dog” to help safeguard the community.

In addition to creating a new category of ‘menacing or potentially dangerous dog’ the legislation includes harsher penalties including prison terms for irresponsible owners and encourages owners to de-sex their animals.

Under the new rules there will be increased penalty notice amounts and court penalties for failure to register a companion animal and where a dog has been involved in an attack.

The message from the Government is clear that animal owners need to be responsible and take proper precautions appropriate for the animal. As well as increased penalties pet education programs will be expanded to raise awareness on how to act and be safe around dogs and to prevent attacks.



You can help stop litter where it starts. Most people in NSW find roadside and community litter offensive and want to see this problem reduced. The new public reporting system will help to increase awareness of the problem.

• Research shows that no one likes a litterer.
• Littering from a vehicle is a major contributor to roadside and public place litter.
• Over 90 percent of reports for littering from a vehicle is for cigarette butts!
• From February 2015, the NSW EPA will issue a penalty notice for littering from a vehicle based on the information received in reports from members of the public who are over 18.
• Littering from a motor vehicle is covered under the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act (1997).
• Reports can no longer be received by Environment Line.

Fines now apply!
$250 for an individual
$500 for a corporation

An instructional animation video has been developed for the public to report littering from vehicles and is now live on the EPA website – check it out!

Help us stamp out littering – Report littering from a vehicle through the Online Reporting Portal or the Mobile App

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