Development Proposal - 25 Lot Subdivision

Council is in receipt of the following Development Application No. 94/24/DA/D9 for a 25 Lot Subdivision at 60-90 Bruce Birrell Drive, TOCUMWAL NSW 2714 (Lot 1 / DP1291985). The applicant is Cuda Development Corporation Pty Ltd. The consent authority is Berrigan Shire Council.

The Development Application and supporting documentation may be inspected during office hours at the Council Office.

Subdivision Plans(PDF, 395KB)

Written submissions in respect of the Development Application will be accepted by Council until close of business on Wednesday 19th June 2024.

Note: Persons lodging submissions are required to declare political donations (including donations of more than $1,000) made in the previous two years.For more details, including a disclosure form, go to

56 Chanter Street, BERRIGAN NSW 2712
Ph 03 5888 5100 Fax 03 5885 2092