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Youth development is an important part in the development of the community within the Berrigan Shire.  Youth development is about providing young people with positive experiences and opportunities to enhance their strengths and abilities.

Through the projects initiated by young people or sponsored by the Youth Development Committee - young people in the Shire are given the opportunities to contribute to the Berrigan Shire and as a result, shape their future, gain skills and be succussful adults.

Exployment Expo

The Berrigan Shire Youth Futures Forum is held annually in conjunction with Finley High School. Objectives involve fostering relationships between local businesses and students resulting in employment, showcasing local job opportunities and offering career pathways.  It also promotes the value of local jobs to the community, the diversity of the Shire's businesses and helps students along the school- to- work transition.

The expo is part of a larger strategy initiated by Berrigan Shire Council through its Strategic Economic Development Plan. This aims to help local businesses attract and retain suitable employees to assist in expanding the Shire's identified skill and labour shortages. The expo aims to ‘link local kids to local jobs’, and to ‘grow our own’ local workforce. 

Commencing in 2004, The Local Employment Expo is ever changing and evolving, and has been recognised as being an innovative and interactive event among the public. The success can largely be attributed to the strong partnerships created between businesses, educational providers, government agencies, Youth Career Services and the Council. 

MICEEP, The Department of Education and Training and many businesses and training providers once again came on board to assist in making this a very successful day.  The expo opens the students eyes the wide degree of skills and career path potential of not only degree level occupations, but also the opportunities available in trades and traineeships. 

National Youth Week

Berrigan Shire Council are holding a youth event celebrating Youth week!!

There will be a professional stunt crew coming to show you their tricks and you get to learn too! There will also be prizes for best movie stunt character.

Come on down to the Barooga Adventure Park Wednesday 17 April from 11am to 2pm.

Contact: Michelle Koopman Ph: 03 5888 5100

All participants are required to completed the attached waiver form before the event.

Waiver Form Download

Youth Forum

Berrigan Shire Youth Development Committee

Mission Statement

The Youth Development Committee encourages, supports and promotes the development of youth within our community. We recognise and value young people and in doing so welcome the development of projects initiated by young people and or which promote the wellbeing of the young people who live in or go to school in the Berrigan Shire.

How did it all begin?

In August 2007 the Berrigan Shire Council, local Police, residents, community groups and agencies participated in a meeting to address issues relating to vandalism and community safety with the view of developing a Crime Prevention Plan. From this meeting the Finley Crime Prevention Committee was formed which met regularly to create a plan to address the issues of concern. After two years of meetings the committee felt that the direction they were taking was unproductive so a change of focus was initiated. The committee decided to focus on supporting the large majority of youth who could be involved in town production and development.

With the decision to change the aim, the committee’s name was changed from the Finley Crime Prevention Committee to the Finley Youth Development Committee. It was decided to conduct a gap’s analysis of Finley Community Assets and hold a Youth Forum where the youth could identify realistic activities and projects that could be initiated in Finley. This has subsequently evolve to include all young people and communities in the Berrigan Shire.

The Youth Development Committee meets quarterly and young people are welcome to contact the Committee's Secretary Jo Ruffin (03) 5888 5100 to discuss projects that they would like to see in their community.

Key Projects

Ice Forums - Community Information

Youth Development Grants - Individual

Collaboration with Outback Theatre for Young People

International Children’s Games

Contact Us

(03) 5888 5100
(03) 5885 2092
56 Chanter Street, Berrigan, NSW, 2712

Hours of Operation

The Berrigan Shire Council is open:

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

The Bendigo Bank – Berrigan Agency is open:


9:00AM - 4:00PM Monday to Friday

Closed on public holidays