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Access to Council Information


You have the right to access information held by Berrigan Shire Council that may be of interest to you.  The Council has an obligation to assist you to locate and retrieve the relevant information.

Your right to information held by the Council is governed by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. For a better understanding of your right to information you can access the Information and Privacy Commission NSW website.

Agency Information Guide

A good place to start when seeking information held by the Council is the Council’s Agency Information Guide.

The Agency Information Guide contains information on:

  • The Council’s structure and functions
  • The ways in which its functions affect the public
  • The ways in which the public can participate in Council’s policy formulation and the exercise of its functions
  • The type of information held by the Council and how that information will be publicly available

Berrigan Shire Council’s Agency Information Guide was last reviewed in November 2021.

Open Access Information

Berrigan Shire Council regularly proactively releases information on its website. This information is called Open Access Information and is available free of charge (for electronic versions, a printing charge may apply for hard copies).

Open Access Information includes:

  • Delegations Register
  • Disclosure log
  • Land Register
  • Pecuniary Interest Returns of Councillors and Designated Persons
  • Register of Councillor Voting Decisions on Planning Matters
  • Register of Current Declarations of Political Donations
  • Register of Investments

The Council’s Open Access Information can be viewed in the table below

Open Access Information

Berrigan Shire Council is required to publish certain information on our website, unless to do so would impose unreasonable additional costs or there is an overriding public interest against disclosure.

Open Access Information includes:

Open Access Information


Where to find the information

Agency Information Guide

Details our structure and functions, the type of information we hold and how it may be accessed

At the top of this page

Code of Conduct

Details the conduct obligations of Council Officials

Click here for the Code of Conduct

Pecuniary Interest Returns

Berrigan Shire Council’s Register of Disclosure of Interests Returns

Available for perusal at the Council Administration Office

Councillors Expenses Policy

Policy for expenses incurred by and provision of facilities to Councillors

Click here for the Council Expenses Policy

Council Meetings

Agendas, business papers and minutes for Council Meetings

On the Meetings, Agendas & Minutes page

Disclosure log

The current register of formal access application from 1 July 2010 received by Berrigan Shire Council which may be of interest to other members of the public

Click here for the Disclosure log

Contract Register

A register of contracts awarded by Berrigan Shire Council valued at $150,000 or more

Click here for the Contract Register

Delegations Register

A register of the functions delegated to the Mayor and General Manager

Click here for the Delegations Register

Open access information not available to the public

A records of open access information that is not available to the public due to there being an overriding public interest against disclosure.

All prescribed open access information is made available to the public

Land Register

A register of land owned and/or managed by Berrigan Shire Council

Available upon request

Register of Investments

A register of investments held by Berrigan Shire Council

Click here for the Register of Investments

Register of Councillor Voting Decisions on Planning Matters

A register of voting on planning matters kept in accordance with s.375A of the Local Government Act 1993

Click here for the Register of Councillor Voting Decisions on Planning Matters

Policy documents

Documents used in connection with the exercise of Berrigan Shire Council's functions that affect the public

On the Council Policies page

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Berrigan Shire Council's strategy for addressing equal opportunity and diversity in our workforce

Click here for the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Berrigan Shire Council’s annual reports, annual financial statements and auditor’s reports

On the Annual Reports page

Other plans. strategies and reports

A listing of plans and other strategies developed by Berrigan Shire Council, including strategic and management plans

On the Management Plans, Codes & Reports page

Development Applications

Development applications and associated documents.

Access may be obtained by completing an Informal Access to Information Request

Accessing Information

If the information you are seeking is not available on our website it may be necessary for you to request the information. There are two ways to make an information request:

  • Informal request – For straightforward requests
  • Formal request – For information that involves personal information about other people, is commercially sensitive or is otherwise confidential.  A fee will apply

Details on how to make an information request can be found below.

Request for Information

Informal request

An Informal Access to Information Request will cover most information requests. No application or processing fees apply to this type of request however we may charge other fees, such as for printing and photocopying, as outlined in our Fees and Charges Schedule.

In addressing your request, we may impose any reasonable conditions on the supply of this information. For example, where information is subject to copyright protection, the copyright owners written consent is required to gain copies of these documents.

Please note there is no statutory timeframe for the determination of an informal request. In addition, we may determine that your request requires you to complete a Formal Access to Information Request

Making a formal access application

A Formal Access to Information Request may be required if the information that you are seeking involves, or is likely to involve, any of the following:

  • Information about a 3rd party whether that be an individual or a business; or
  • Confidential information; or
  • Commercial-in-confidence considerations; or
  • A substantial investment of time or resources is required to address the information request.

To make a valid access application, you must:

  • Make your request in writing, sent to or lodged at Council;
  • Clearly indicate that it is an access application made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act
  • include the $30 application fee (payment options are available);
  • include your address for correspondence in connection with the application
  • include such information as is reasonably necessary to identify the information requested

You can use the Council’s Formal Access Application form to make your request.

Upon receipt of a valid access application, we will give you notice of our decision within 20 working days, although this time can be extended to consult with third parties or retrieve information from archives. A processing charge of $30 per hour may also apply as part of deciding your application.

Request for an internal review

If you are unhappy with a decision made regarding your access application you may have the right to request a review of that decision. Information on how to request a review is available in this fact sheet from the Information and Privacy Commissioner


You must lodge any request to review a formal access application within 20 working days after notice of the decision was given to you.

Further information

If you require advice or assistance with making an application to access Council information, please contact the Council’s Right to Information Officer at the Council Administration Officer.

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