Thursday, October 28, 2021

Berrigan Shire 2027

The Council endorsed 21 June 2017 our communities 10-year environmental, economic and social vision and plan: Berrigan Shire 2027.

Developed to meet New South Wales Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements the Shire's Community Strategic Plan Berrigan Shire 2027 describes the actions our communities, local business and other stakeholders will take to realise the Berrigan Shire 2027 vision that 

“In 2027 we will be recognised as a Shire that builds on and promotes our natural assets and advantages to create employment and economic activity to attract residents, families and tourists.”

Initially developed at the Shire’s Future’s Conference 29 June 2011 and reviewed November 2012  and November 2016 in accordance with the Berrigan Shire Council’s Community Engagement Framework 2016 it reflects the top 3 preferred futures of our communities that in 2027: 

  1. Families with young children will want to live in or come to the area 
  2. People will be more concerned about their health and wellbeing 
  3. Tourists will go out of their way to come to the area

Community Engagement Program 2016

Berrigan Shire 2027 

The Council also adopted the Resourcing Strategy 2017 -2027, Operational Plan 2017/18 and Delivery Program 2017 – 2021 at the Council meeting held 21 June 2017.  To view these documents please visit the Management Plans, Codes & Reports page.

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