Thursday, February 02, 2023
Berrigan Shire Council

Berrigan War Memorial Swimming Pool

Budget:  Completion Date: Status: 
$395,355 November 2019 Completed

Renewal works within the project include the following:

  • Design & construct new amenities building, kiosk and store room 
  • Replacement of concrete around concourse                               
  • Replacement of external fence                                                      

Funding: This project is jointly funded by Berrigan Shire Council and the NSW Government under the Stronger Country Communities Program.

Construction Work:


Berrigan Existing Structure 1
Berrigan Existing Structure 2
Concept Plan Berrigan Pool 1
Concept Plan Berrigan Pool 2
Concept Plan Berrigan Pool 3
BP Progress 1
BP Progress 2
BP Progress 3
BP Progress 4
Slab Work
New Building 1
New Building 2
New Building 3
Other Works 1
Other Works 2

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56 Chanter Street, Berrigan, NSW, 2712

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