Friday, March 31, 2023
Berrigan Shire Council

Finley War Memorial Swimming Pool

Budget:  Completion Date: Status: 
$410,000     June 2020 Completed

Project Description

The outdated and unattractive amenities building at the community-run Finley War Memorial Swimming Pool will be replaced with a modern fit-for-purpose building. The new amenities building will include change and toilet facilities – including facilities for families and the disabled as well as a new, modern kiosk area. The new attractive building will be easier to maintain and ease the burden on community volunteers and encourage use of the facility. The building and associated landscaping, prominently located on the northern approach to Finley, will also improve the visual amenity of the town and engender civic pride.

Funding:  This project is funded by the Australian Government under the Drought Communities Programme – Extension in conjunction with Berrigan Shire Council

Construction Work:


3D Elevations
Floor Plan
Finley Pool Progress 1
Finley Pool Progress 2
Finley Pool Progress 3
Finley Pool Progress 4
Finley Pool Progress 5
Finley Pool Progress 6
Finley Pool Progress 7
Finley Pool Progress 8
Finley Pool Progress 9
Finley Pool Progress 10
Finley Pool Progress 11
Finley Pool Progress 12
Finley Pool Progress 13
Finley Pool Progress 14
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Civil Works 2
Civil Works 3
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