Thursday, February 02, 2023
Berrigan Shire Council

Tocumwal Library Extension and Refurbishment

Budget:  Completion Date: Status: 
$250,000 2018-2019 Financial Year Completed

The extension of the Tocumwal Library will provide addional space for library activities without interfering with the general library patrons.  It will provide a community meeting space for local community groups, including after-hours. It would also provide a safe and secure storage area for library equipment.

Works within the project include:

An additional 150mof floor space consisting of an activity area, meeting room, store room and a disabled access toilet facility.  New computers & new television installed.

Funding:  This project is funded by the NSW Government under the Stronger Country Communities Program and the Public Library Infrastructure Program.


Existing Library 1
Existing Library 2
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
Footings 1
Footings 2
Footings 3
Footings 4
Footings 5
Footings 6
Footings 7
Brickwork 1
Brickwork 2
Brickwork 3
Brickwork 4
Slab Prep 1
Slab 1
Slab 2
Slab 3
Slab 4
Slab 5
Slab 6
Toc Library Construction 1
Toc Library Construction 2
Plaster and Paint 1
Plaster and Paint 2
Plaster and Paint 3
Plaster and Paint 4
Cabinetry 1
Cabinetry 2
Cabinetry 3
Cabinetry 4
Tocumwal Library Completion 1
Tocumwal Library Completion 2
Tocumwal Library Completion 3
Tocumwal Library Completion 4
Tocumwal Library Completion 5
Tocumwal Library Completion 6
Tocumwal Library Completion 7

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