Monday, May 25, 2020
Berrigan Shire Council


The Council has been approached by the Sporties Group to assist Cobram-Barooga Golf Club access affordable water to help sustain the Cobram Barooga Golf Club course, a significant tourist attraction and local employer.

Therefore, pursuant to Section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993, Berrigan Shire Council hereby gives notice that it intends to make the following resolution regarding financial assistance to the Sporties Group at its ordinary meeting to be held on Wednesday 18th March 2020:

"That the Council, having considered the social and economic value of the continued operation of a high quality attraction at the Cobram Barooga Golf Club and subject to the following:

  • Receipt of the required Ministerial approval;
  • The Sporties Group maintaining an open membership policy;
  • The Sporties Group not trading any water out for the next twelve months; and
  • The water provision being a one off event

agrees to transfer 200ml from its Barooga Town water Supply allocation to the Sporties Group at a cost of $50 per megalitre for use on the Cobram Barooga Golf Club."

The Council will accept submissions from the public regarding the proposed resolution until 5.00pm Tuesday 17th March 2020. The Council will consider any submissions received at its meeting to be held on 18th March 2020.

Submissions can be made by:
Mail – 56 Chanter Street, Berrigan NSW 2712
Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For further information contact 03 5888 5100

New committees for Finley halls

With the successful refurbishment of the Finley School of Arts complete, the Council has agreed to a request from the volunteer committee of management of the facilities to split responsibility for care, control and management of the School of Arts and the War Memorial Hall between two separate committees.

At its meeting on 19 February 2020, the Council set down the responsibilities, complement and quorum for the two new committees. These are as follows:

  School of Arts War Memorial Hall
Delegation To give care, control and management of the Finley School of Arts to a Committee comprising citizens appointed by the Council from time to time. To give care, control and management of the Finley War Memorial Hall to a Committee comprising citizens appointed by the Council from time to time.
Complement 7 voting members:
2 delegates from FADAMS
2 delegates from Old-Time dance
3 from the general public
5 voting members:
2 delegates from Finley Basketball
3 from the general public
Quorum 4 voting members 3 voting members

The Council will hold two extraordinary general meetings – one for each Committee – to appoint and elect voting members and an executive for each committee.

The dates for these meetings are:

  • Finley War Memorial Hall: 4 March 2020 at 6:00pm
  • Finley School of Arts: 4 March 2020 at 6:30pm

Each committee will elect an executive - at a minimum, a President and Secretary - from among their complement and the election of the committees and executives will be provisional until formal appointment by the Council at its meeting on 18 March 2020.

Further information is available by contacting Matt Hansen at the Council Administration Office.

Take your trash – keep our rivers clean

Berrigan Shire Council is targeting litter reduction in 2020 and you can be part of the solution. “Don’t be a Tosser!” It’s a simple message, but many people make excuses to justify their littering behaviour. This summer, you may be enjoying an icecream, a cold drink or having a picnic with family and friends by the Murray River. Please think about your rubbish and put it in the bin.

We are working to reduce litter in 2020 by stepping up litter enforcement patrols at recreation reserves and other high use areas. We are increasing signage to help you dispose of rubbish properly, so it doesn’t end up in our Rivers and waterways.

Berrigan Shire Council is a member of the Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation (RAMJO) Murray Waste Group which received funding from the NSW EPA ‘Waste Less, Recycle More’ initiative funded from the waste levy to reduce litter entering the Murray River.

You are encouraged to report littering by registering with the Report to EPA website and sharing the message “Don’t be a tosser!”. For more information on this project please follow Berrigan Shire Council on Facebook.

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