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Tocumwal Aerodrome


The Tocumwal Aerodrome played a very important role late in WW2 as a US base, when it was known as McIntyre Field.  It went on to be a RAAF base, closing down operations in October 1960.  The 60th Anniversary of the lowering of the RAAF Ensign was recognised in October 2020.  Whilst much of the WW2 infrastructure has disappeared a lot of the history has been collected and will soon be on display again at the new Tocumwal Aviation Museum. There is a very comprehensive website that tells the history in detail.

Tocumwal Aerodrome Today

Tocumwal Aerodrome Overview

  1. Two sealed and Two grass runways
  2. 24 Hour Avgas via credit card
  3. Unrestricted Airspace
  4. Well developed and maintained aerodrome infrastructure
  5. Best weather in Australia for flying
  6. Tocumwal Residential Airpark
  7. Tocumwal Aviation Museum

Tocumwal Residential Airpark

The Tocumwal Residential Airpark commence land sales in 2014.  The phase one release consisted of 12 lots along Liberator Place with taxiway access.  These lots were all sold in 2015 and a further 12 lots were released in 2017, again with taxiway access and vehicle access to the newly named Wirraway Court. You can follow all that is happening in the Airpark here on Facebook.  


The Tocumwal Aerodrome today is home to:

  • Tocumwal Aviation Museum – Matt Henderson,
  • Aviation Composite Engineering, Peter Corkery, 0439842255
  • Tocumwal Soaring Centre and Sportavia Hangar, Lumpy (Mark) Paterson, 0487531265,
  • Tocumwal Aviation Pty Ltd, Tim Becroft, 0428742478,
  • SportAviation Pty Ltd, Eddie Madden, 0427534122,
  • Murray Border Flying Club, President Matthew Loffler, 0418 134 608,
  • Southern Riverina Gliding Club, Judy Renner 0427141241, 
  • Border Aviation, 15 Flight Place, Tocumwal, Mobile: 0428743450, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tocumwal Aerodrome Aerial

Tocumwal Aerodrome Management Plans

Tocumwal Aerodrome Manual

Aerodrome Event - Tocumwal

Berrigan Airstrip Details

Natural Soil      Grass Strip

Orientation      East West

Length              1189m

Width                 60m

Elevation          120m

Latitude            -35.68371             (35o 41’01’’S)

Longitude         145.81425            (145o 48’51’’E)

Berrigan Airstrip Aerial


Berrigan Airstrip Aerial 2

Contact Us

(03) 5888 5100
(03) 5885 2092
56 Chanter Street, Berrigan, NSW, 2712

Hours of Operation

The Berrigan Shire Council is open:

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

The Bendigo Bank – Berrigan Agency is open:


9:00AM - 4:00PM Monday to Friday

Closed on public holidays