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Plumbing & Drainage

All plumbing and drainage works require approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993.

The following activities require a Section 68 approval:

  • Part B1: Carry out water supply work.
  • Part B4: Sewerage work.
  • Part B5: Stormwater drainage work.

This work must be undertaken by a licensed plumber and be inspected by a Council Officer.

Following the issue of an approval the licensed plumber must submit to Council a Notice of Work.

The licensed plumber must call for inspections by contacting Council on 03 5888 5100. The number of inspections required will depend on the type and nature of the work but are included in the application process and paid before the registration of an application.

On completion of work the licensed plumber must submit a Certificate of Compliance to Council within two days of completing works. If there has been any sewerage work carried out the Certificate of Compliance must be accompanied by a Drainage Diagram.

For further information regarding the Plumbing and Drainage Act visit NSW Fair Trading.



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