Thursday, October 28, 2021

Responsibilities of Owners

To assist Council with managing companion animals within the Shire and returning them promptly if they become lost, please advise Council staff immediately if you:

  • Change address and/or telephone numbers
  • Change ownership of the companion animal
  • If your companion animal is missing for more than 72 hours
  • If your companion animal dies

Companion animals that are not cared for properly cause problems in the community and you may be fined or receive a visit from council staff. For the safety and security of all in the community please do not allow your companion animal to:

  • bark continuously
  • wander the streets unattended
  • defecate in public place
  • harass pedestrians
  • become a nuisance to others

Dog Owners

  • Puppies and dogs sold or given away from 1 July 1999, must be microchipped and registered for life
  • All other dogs (except farm working dogs and greyhounds) must be microchipped and registered for life

Cat Owners

  • Kittens and cats sold or given away from 1 July 1999 must be microchipped and registered for life
  • Older cats need to be identified, either through microchipping or by collar and tag


Lifetime Registration form
Change of Ownership form
Change of Address form

Contact Us

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Hours of Operation

The Berrigan Shire Council is open:

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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