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The subdivision of land means the division of land into two or more parts that, after the division, would be adapted for separate occupation, use or disposition as per the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Subdivisions can be for large rural areas of land where farm adjustments move boundaries in accordance with the needs of the working farm and neighbours. They can also be as small as adjusting a boundary between residential lots in one of the towns.

Subdividing land

The Berrigan Shire Local Environmental Plan (LEP) sets the minimum sizes for allotments in the Berrigan Shire. The Shire contains a series of 'zones' which outline objectives for preferred development and set minimum lot sizes. The minimum lot sizes for land within zones are set to ensure the following:

  • to protect the productive capacity of agricultural land by preventing unnecessary fragmentation;
  • to ensure that lot sizes do not undermine the land’s capacity to support rural development;
  • to ensure that subdivision does not impact on the natural and environmental values of the area;
  • to provide for a range of lot sizes appropriate for the services available to the area and;
  • to ensure that new subdivisions reflect existing lot sizes and patterns in the surrounding locality.

For more information refer to the NSW Land & Property Information website or contact Council’s Town Planner.

Council recommends discussing your proposal with a Consultant Planner prior to contacting Council.



Consolidation is the combining of two or more land parcels into one parcel.

For more information refer to the NSW Land & Property Information website or contact Council’s Town Planner on 03 5888 5100.


Boundary realignment

A boundary realignment is similar to a subdivision although it involves moving an existing boundary between two adjacent parcels of land without creating any new lots.

The process involves co-operation from all property owners to achieve the desired result.

For more information refer to the. NSW Land & Property Information website or contact Council’s Town Planner on 03 5888 5100.


Subdivision Certificate

A Subdivision Certificate authorises the registration of the plan of subdivision for lodgement with the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI). You must have a Subdivision Certificate to create the new titles for your subdivision. The Subdivision Certificate, as provided for under Section 109C(1)(d) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, certifies that the subdivision has been completed in accordance with the consent and any subdivision work has been completed in accordance with the Construction Certificate.


Civil Works

Civils works or subdivision work is as any physical activity authorised to be carried out under the conditions of a development consent for the subdivision of land.

Subdivision work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. earthwork,
  2. road work, including pavement and finishing,
  3. stormwater drainage work,
  4. landscaping work,
  5. erosion and sedimentation control work,
  6. structural work (eg. retaining walls, bridges, etc.),
  7. work associated with driveways and parking bays, including pavement and finishing.

Guidelines have been created to outline Council’s procedures and practices for subdivision and development of land within the Berrigan Shire area. Council has determined that where a developer proposes, or is required to carry out civil engineering works in connection with a subdivision or development, the civil engineering works are upon completion of all works, and the issue of a Certificate of Completion, to become the responsibility of Council.


These guidelines are to be read in conjunction with the planning instruments and development control plans applying to the site. Applicants are advised to ensure that all conditions of the Development Consent are addressed within the detailed engineering plans as a Certificate of Completion/Subdivision Certificate cannot be issued until the Development Consent conditions have been met in full.

  • Part 1 General Requirements
  • Part 2 Guidelines for Design of Roads
  • Part 3 Guidelines for Design of Drainage
  • Part 4 Guidelines for Design of Water Reticulation
  • Part 5 Guidelines for Design of Sewerage Reticulation
  • Part 6 Guidelines for Landscaping, and Measures for Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control
  • Part 7 Guidelines for Testing


Developer Contributions

Council has adopted a Development Contributions Plan to enable Council to require as a condition of development consent, a contribution(s) or dedication towards the provision of public facilities associated with subdivision work.

Water and Sewer Development Servicing Plans have also been adopted which detail water and sewer development charges relative to development areas serviced by Berrigan Shire Council.

A Guide to Development Contributions for Water and Sewer is a condensed version of both the Water and Sewer Development Servicing Plans to enable to staff to calculate the appropriate charges that may apply each development to which the Plans apply.


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