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Food Premises

All food businesses that sell food in New South Wales must notify either the Food Authority and/or Council of their food business details. You can complete a NSW Food Notification at notify the Department of Primary Industries Food Authority.


Council's Environmental Health Officer undertakes inspections of all food premises to ensure compliance with food safety requirements and to minimise the likelihood of foodborne illness within the community.

All food premises must be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with the following requirements:

Council will carry out at least one inspection per year of all food premises operating within the shire to ensure compliance with food safety requirements. A fee is charged for this inspection in accordance with the Council's current fees and charges.

Scores on Doors Program

Scores on Doors is the NSW hygiene and food safety scoring program that rates local food business according to their compliance with food safety legislation.  Businesses are provided with a certificate to display at the entrance with the result of the inspection.  It lets consumers know how well the business has complied with NSW hygiene and food safety requirements.

Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

A mobile food vendor is considered a retail food business as they sell food to the public and need to comply with a range of requirements. Examples of the use of mobile vehicles include:

  • On-site food preparation e.g. hamburgers, hot dogs and kebabs
  • One-step food preparation e.g. popcorn, fairy floss, coffee and squeezing juices.
  • Any type of food including pre-packaged food.

Council approval may be required to carry out activities including a mobile food vending vehicle and you should contact Council on 03 5888 5100 to find out more.

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