Application for signage

The NSW Government has provided uniform regulation for the consideration of applications for signage across NSW.
Certain types of signs for businesses and other purposes may not require planning permission (known as exempt development) if the proposed sign meets the relevant development standards.  In other cases, you will need to submit a development application. 
We suggest you speak to a member of our Planning Team for clarification around what you need to do for your particular sign or advertising. Or find out more details via the NSW Planning Portal here
It's a good idea to have all info in hand relating to what you are planning to install or erect, including:
  • all dimensions and content (wording, logo’s, colours, graphics) 
  • the relationship of the signage with the facade of any attached building 
  • height and dimensions above ground level (where the sign is free standing)
  • any lighting to be provided (including any self illuminated signage) 

Submit an application

Step 1.Chat to our team

Check-in with a member of the Planning Team first or head to the NSW Planning Portal to double-check what is required. If you need to submit a DA, you can follow the steps below. 

Step 2.Create an account or log-in

Head to the NSW Planning Portal to login. Or follow the prompts to create an account. 

Step 3.Apply

Once your account is set up, you can submit your applications via the portal.  

Complete the online application for a Development Application (DA). You can view the NSW Government's quick guide to this application process here.

Step 4.Upload your documents

Depending on the type of works or use, there will be certain documentation that you will be required to lodge with your application. Make sure you have the architectural elevations of the sign and a site plan. Take a look at the checklist tab to find out more. 

Step 5.Lodge for review

Once the application is submitted through the Portal, an initial review will be carried out to check the information provided is sufficient for Council to accept.

If we need more information before the application can be accepted, an officer will contact you to request this information or for further clarification. Once adequate information is provided, the application can be accepted.

Step 6.Application is ready to be accepted

When the application has been reviewed and considered ready for lodgement, an invoice will be sent to you for payment of the associated fees.

Assessment of your application will not commence until the fees have been received by Council.

Step 7.Assessment of the application

Once fees have been paid, the application will be registered and assessment will commence. 

If you need assistance using the Planning Portal, please view the Department's Help, Support and Training Page or you can call us on 03 5888 5100 for additional support.