Sewerage Services

 At Berrigan Shire Council, our goal is to provide you with safe and reliable wastewater services that protect public health and the environment.

Council operates a comprehensive wastewater collection and treatment system that involves a network of pipes and pumps that transport wastewater from homes and businesses to our treatment plant. At the treatment plant, the wastewater undergoes a rigorous process to remove pollutants and contaminants before it is released back into the environment.

We are committed to managing the environmental impact of our wastewater services. This includes monitoring water quality and minimizing pollution to protect our water resources.

We understand the importance of our role in promoting sustainable development in our community. Our efforts are focused on providing you with reliable, efficient, and sustainable wastewater services.

Council Provides two of wastewater service connection (Standard and Low Pressure), contact us to know further information.


Below is a summary of council owned wastewater assets: 

Barooga Wastewater Snapshot


Berrigan Wastewater Snapshot


Finley Wastewater Snapshot


Tocumwal Wastewater Snapshot



One-site Sewage Management Systems 

We maintain a register of on-site Sewage Management Systems within our local government area and perform regulatory functions including monitoring, installing and licensing of septic systems. You can find out more about installing a system at your property here.