Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Deputy CEO, Director Infrastructure, Director Strategic Planning and Development and Director Corporate Services.

We are a community-focused organisation, putting the people, place and progress of Berrigan Shire at the front and centre of how we are organised, manage ourselves, prioritise our activities and programs, execute our responsibilities and work together as a team.

Gender-Equity-Leadership-Statement.pdf(PDF, 339KB)

Our Why

We lead and empower our Council team to build a better future for our community.

Our Values

A collegiate workforce who are passionate about their community, are approachable to internal and external stakeholders and who are flexible enough to support the service delivery outcomes of Council regardless of position title

Trust is generated by a knowledgeable and competent workforce who are willing to help others as necessary and within their skill sets, abilities and delegations.

A working environment where loyalty and integrity are rewarded and staff are brave enough to question why, allowing everyone space to commit fully to agreed service delivery outcomes

Service is the core of our commitment to the community and is well considered and strategic in its delivery

Karina Ewer

Chief Executive Officer

  • ProfileOur Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the delivery of:
    Organisational and community strategic vision, stakeholder engagement to underpin Berrigan Shire’s growth and aspirations, regional and local advocacy and organisational leadership, culture and performance.

Matthew Hansen

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

  • ProfileOur Deputy Chief Executive Officer supports the Chief Executive Officer to meet Council’s objectives with a focus on the day-to-day running of Council.

Andrew Fletcher

Director Strategic Planning and Development

  • ProfileAndrew and his team are responsible for delivering Council’s strategic land use, building & planning, social, environmental, public health, biosecurity and compliance activities.

Director Infrastructure

Director Infrastructure
  • ProfileDirector Infrastructure and team take care of the Shire, through their work in roads network, water and sewer infrastructure and service delivery, parks and gardens, aerodrome, sporting and recreation reserves and much more.
    Council invest in and build infrastructure to meet the Communities’ needs, and provide and maintain quality facilities and services that the community use on a daily basis.

Tahlia Fry

Director Corportate Services

  • ProfileTahlia along with her team deliver customer experience, finance, information technology, records management and cultural and recreation services.
    The groups within this directorate support our Councillors, managers, workers and volunteers to make Berrigan Shire an even better place to live, work and invest.