Tocumwal Aerodrome

A History of Aviation


The Tocumwal Aerodrome played a very important role late in WW2 as a US base, when it was known as McIntyre Field.  It went on to be a RAAF base, closing down operations in October 1960.  The 60th Anniversary of the lowering of the RAAF Ensign was recognised in October 2020.  Whilst much of the WW2 infrastructure has disappeared a lot of the history has been collected and is display at the new Tocumwal Aviation Museum.

Tocumwal Aviation Museum

The Tocumwal Aviation Museum has become a world-class attraction with one of the finest collection of flying historic aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere.

The museum is a major tourist drawcard and a key focal point of the current Tocumwla Aerodrom – with visitors wanting to see the impeccably-maintained military aircraft, all of which have historical significance to Australia.
The museum also hosts a major airshow, known as Tocumwal Airshow, where rare and unique Warbirds that once called Tocumwal home, turn back the clock to WW2 with exciting displays you may not see again!

Tocumwal Residential Airpark

The Tocumwal Historic Aerodrome in conjunction with the Berrigan Shire promoted a new land development based at the historic airfield at Tocumwal. The development provided an unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to purchase a large residential building site capable of housing an aircraft hanger with runway access.  

Technical Information


Tocumwal has two asphalt runways, 09/27 and 18/36, as well as connecting taxiways. Runway 09/27 has a medium intensity airfield lighting system, including pilot activated lighting. Runway 09/27 is lit as a taxiway for night time operations.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
09 / 27 : 18 / 36
GPS Position
35° 4839S
145° 3615E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1200 : 1273
WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
118.6 4500 FT
Strip Surface
Both Sealed
Berrigan Shire Council
(03) 5888 5100
Near THR 09 / 27 / 18
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS Aero Refuellers Carnet
Unmanned 0413 003 808
Distance to Town
09/27 PAL
AFRU 125.5
Aircraft Parking
Landing Fees


If aircraft exceeds 5,700kg please apply for concession prior to landing. To apply, please contact Council on 03 5888 5100.