If it’s time to look into aged-care homes or you need some help around the house, My Aged Care will help you find and access the government-funded services you need, while Carer gateway allows carers of older people to access help and support from the government and other organisations.

Housing options for older people 

 Before making a decision on your preferred housing choice, the issues to be considered include:

  • What assistance is available to support you in your own home?
  • Why do you want to move?
  • If you move, what is supplied at each development?
  • What are the financial and legal arrangements of each option?
  • What are your personal health and welfare concerns?

Housing options available in the local area are:

  • Help to stay in your own home
  • Independent living units
  • Residential aged care facilities
  • Adaptable housing units within residential developments
  • Manufactured homes in residential parks

The Aged Care Guide is a comprehensive guide to options available in New South wales.

Liveable Housing Design Guidelines

If you are thinking of building a new home, you should consider the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines. Homes designed and built with these guidelines in mind will be:

  • Easier to enter
  • Safer to move in and around
  • More capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation
  • More responsive to the changing needs and abilities of the people of all ages who live there


Seniors Rights Information
1800 424 079

Ageing and Disability Abuse helpline
1800 628 221

Australian Human Rights Commission
1300 656 419

National Dementia helpline
1800 100 500

Advise for Elderly People being Scammed