Beauty & Skin Penetration Premises

Beauty therapy procedures pose potential risks if hygiene and infection control procedures are not maintained. Invasive body art procedures involve a high risk of transmitting blood born viruses such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, as well as serious bacterial infections if nonsterile equipment, unhygienic procedures, or premises are used.

Skin Penetration procedures are any procedure (whether medical or not) that involves skin penetration or the penetration of a mucous membrane.

Examples include:

  • acupuncture and dry needling
  • body or skin piercing (of any kind, ear, nose etc)
  • cosmetic enhancements (ie. fillers)
  • beauty treatments (ie. manicures and pedicures)
  • colon cleanse / colonic lavage
  • hair removal, (including waxing)
  • tattooing (including eyebrow tattooing); and
  • blood cholesterol and glucose measurement.