Our Brand


In 2021 it was recognised that the current brand identity had remained untouched for over 20 years, and needed a refresh that pays homage to our history and can bring Berrigan Shire into the future.

Berrigan Shire Councils councillors, staff and community have played a pivotal role in shaping the new Berrigan Shire brand. 

The community were asked to tell Council what they loved about the Berrigan Shire. Over 110 people contributed via an online survey, phone calls and letters; with the responses highlighting the communities most loved attributes.

From this, it was clear on what the community considered the key pillars of our Shire: Lifestyle, Agriculture, The Murray River, Landscape and Our People, were at the heart of what makes up the Berrigan Shire.

The new brand represents all that Berrigan Shire encompasses.

We are Berrigan Shire.
We are our four towns.
We are our rural localities.
We are our History.
We are our Future.
We are our Lifestyle, River,
Agriculture and Landscape.
We are one Community,
One Unique Fingerprint.

Brand Guidelines

The brand includes guidelines(PDF, 4MB) which illustrates how to use the brand and how the brand was developed. 
Berrigan Shire businesses and community members are encouraged to use and support the brand to build a stronger recognition of Berrigan Shire to outside markets and potential visitors. 

If you would like to discuss the use of the brand or logo please call Council on 03 5888 5100.