About Council

Council provides a range of services to local residents, business and industry, developers and investors as well as people visiting the region. We cater for a diverse range of community needs and encourage environmentally acceptable development in the region. 

Our Values

A collegiate workforce who are passionate about their community, are approachable to internal and external stakeholders and who are flexible enough to support the service delivery outcomes of Council regardless of position title

Trust is generated by a knowledgeable and competent workforce who are willing to help others as necessary and within their skill sets, abilities and delegations.

A working environment where loyalty and integrity are rewarded and staff are brave enough to question why, allowing everyone space to commit fully to agreed service delivery outcomes

Service is the core of our commitment to the community and is well considered and strategic in its delivery

Our Purpose

“Making an even better Berrigan Shire”

The aim of the Berrigan Shire Council is to develop our community and assist where we can to help it grow and achieve the community’s vision. We work alongside our community and use our skills, our staff and our resources to contribute to the improvement of the entire Shire. 
We are one team focused on the one purpose of “Making an even better Berrigan Shire”.