Apply to Install a Septic System

Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 specifies a wide range of activities where approvals are required to be obtained from Council. Council is the only authority that can issue section 68 approvals. These are often in addition, or ancillary to, standard Development Application (DA) requirements and are known as ‘section 68 approvals’.  

To obtain approval to install a septic system at your property, you will need to submit a section 68 application via the NSW Planning Portal. You can find details on this below.

You can also take a look at a range of fact sheets, which provide a good overview of onsite sewerage management. 

Maintenance of septic systems

Maintenance of a septic system is the responsibility of the property owner.

Septic tanks should be pumped out every 3 years to ensure that they maintain their efficiency and to avoid potential failures.

Treatment plant systems require quarterly maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently and maintaining a high level of treatment. 

More information

NSW Health website : a comprehensive list of the different types of sewage management systems and information on the accreditation process.

How do I alter or modify my onsite septic system?

To modify your existing on-site sewage management system, which may include installing a new disposal area or a new septic tank, you should:

  1. Engage a licenced contractor person to conduct the necessary works.
  2. Submit a Section 68 application form to Council (as above)
  3. On the form this will be a Modification to the existing on-site sewage management system
  4. Upon approval of the Section 68 application, works may commence
  5. Upon completion, Council will inspect the modified on-site sewage management system area (tank/disposal area)
  6. Upon satisfactory completion, an approval will be generated. 

Submit an application

Step 1.Create an account or log-in

Head to the NSW Planning Portal to login. Or follow the prompts to create an account. 

Step 2.Apply

Once your account is set up, you can submit your applications via the portal.  

Complete the online form for a Section 68 application. Select the relevant option for a septic when prompted. See how to apply here.

Step 3.Upload your documents

Depending on the type of works or use, there will be certain documentation that you will be required to lodge with your application. Take a look at the checklist tab to find out more. 

Step 4.Lodge for review

Once the application is submitted through the Portal, an initial review will be carried out to check the information provided is sufficient for Council to accept.

If we need more information before the application can be accepted, an officer will contact you to request this information or for further clarification. Once adequate information is provided, the application can be accepted.

Step 5.Application is ready to be accepted

When the application has been reviewed and considered ready for lodgement, an invoice will be sent to you for payment of the associated fees.

Assessment of your application will not commence until the fees have been received by Council.

Step 6.Assessment of the application

Once fees have been paid, the application will be registered.

Officers will then contact you with information regarding the next steps. Council will conduct inspections throughout the installation of your new septic system.

If you need assistance using the Planning Portal, please view the Department's Help, Support and Training Page or you can call 03 5888 5100 for additional support.