Tocumwal Splashpark

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The Tocumwal Splashpark is located on the foreshore at Anzac Avenue Tocumwal and is open from 9am to 9pm daily, regardless of the weather, from October to April (and possibly longer dependent on demand).  There may be times when the facilities will be shut down for maintenance.

Tocumwal was home to the largest RAAF base in the southern hemisphere during WWII, and this history influenced the style of the splash park with features including a giant custom made airplane (B24) dumper bucket, a cockpit, water cannons, ground sprays, windsock and propeller showers, and spray bomb features, shadesales and in-ground LED lighting.

In order to activate the Splashpark activities any one of three buttons must be pressed. These are located around the pad and turn the water on for a period of time. When the water shuts off it can be turned on immediately at any one of the three buttons if there is still demand.

Adjacent is a fully solar powered amenities block (off the grid), with 6 unisex toilets, 1 unisex disabled access toilet, shower, baby change room and storage room. 


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