Finley Country Universities Centre Proposal

Published on 03 May 2023


 The Country Universities Centre is an initiative which has successfully attracted over 1500 students in regional centres to remain and study in their communities which in turn, has led to significant growth and development of the region.  Currently, there is a proposal to locate a centre in the Southern Riverina region and we are seeking the support of the Berrigan Shire business community and general community members. 

As you may know, many of our young people leave the area to study at metropolitan centres and often do not return.  The purpose of the Country Universities Centre is to encourage young people and others to pursue quality education without having to the leave family and friends and to raise the higher education participation rate of regional Australians from 20% which has been stagnant for over 30 years and is around half of the participation rates enjoyed by students in metropolitan areas. 

As you are aware, access to a skilled local employee base is critical to the growth of many of our industries in the Deniliquin region and the Country Universities Centre initiative is backed by data from the Productivity Commission which notes the rapidly changing workforce and the requirements for new technologies, upskilling and reskilling as job roles change.  

We are requesting your support for this proposal and note that Finley is one of four possible locations in the Southern Riverina for a new Country Universities Centre.  Securing a Centre in Finley will require Council and local businesses to demonstrate a high level of interest in the proposal. 

We have two resources available for you and your members:  

Council would urge you to express your support for this opportunity that will underpin the economic growth and resilience for our community, before the deadline of 26 May 2023.  

If you would like an information session to be held at your business / chamber / community group, please contact Karina Ewer on the email above to arrange a time and place.