About Rates

Your rates help Council maintain, improve and provide services and facilities for the ratepayers, residents and visitors of our beautiful and unique location and are calculated on a variety of things including where you live.

 You can find out more below. 

I need to change my postal address

Please complete a change of address form here.

When are rates due?

1st installment: 31 August

2nd installment: 30 November

3rd installment: 28 February

4th installment: 31 May

You can find out more about ways to pay your rates here.


How can I receive my rates notice electronically?

You can receive your rates notice via email by lodging a request with Council. 

Please either email rates@berriganshire.nsw.gov.au and state your full name, property address and assessment number and the email address you want to receive your notices to or fill in this form.

Pensioner concessions

If you have a Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans Affairs you may be eligible for a concession on both your rates and water.

Please bring your concession card to the Council offices to apply.  You will need to complete an application for the concession. This form is your request for the concession to be applied to your property and an authorisation for Council to verify your pension eligibility with Centrelink or Veterans Affairs.

The Pension Concession is available only on your primary residence and your pension card must reflect this address.

Please note that New South Wales does not grant concessions on Health Care cards.

If you are receiving a rebate on your rates it will automatically carry over onto your water account.  

The Pensioner Discount Application Form can be filled in here.

How do we calculate rates and charges?

Each council is required to determine the combination of rates, charges, fees and pricing policies needed to fund the services it provides to the community by producing a Revenue Policy which contains a rating structure. This rating structure determines which rates and charges you will have to pay and how they will be calculated.

You can view our Revenue Policy here.

The total amount of income that Council can raise from certain rates and charges is limited. This is called rate peg percentage. The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) determines the annual rate peg percentage.

Land valuations

Rates are calculated on the value of your land which is determined by the Property NSW Valuation Services on behalf of the NSW Valuer General. If you do not agree with the land value of your property you can request a review by the Valuer General.

In Berrigan Shire Council, land revaluations occur every three years.

Ratepayers will receive Notice of Valuation from the Valuer General with their updated land valuations. Council uses the updated valuations to calculate the rates from July 1 of the next financial year.

To find out more about the Valuer General, the land valuations process, how to lodge an objection and other information, click here

FACT SHEETYour Land Value(PDF, 72KB)

OBJECTION PROCESS GUIDE: Valuer General Review Guide(PDF, 582KB)