Smart Water Meters

To help conserve our water resources, Council undertook a council-wide smart water meter installation program; replacing outdated manual-read water meters with new, automatic devices on filtered and raw water services.

Recognising that water is one of our most valuable resources, this project has made a significant contribution to our water security by reducing water loss caused by leaks and encouraging community awareness around water usage at our properties.

It is also assisting us to manage our water supplies to meet growing demands now, and into the future.

What is a smart meter?

A smart water meter is a device that automatically records water use, can electronically report water usage information at regular intervals and provides instant access to data that can show peak usage and other information.

Benefits of smart water meters include:

  • the early detection of leaks
  • the ability for customers to check their water usage
  • the ability for customers to develop strategies to reduce water usage
  • the more effective response by council to customer water usage enquiries