Saving Water Outdoors


Between 25-50% of the average home’s water consumption is via outdoor areas.

Some simple ways to save water outdoors include:

  • Water your garden during the cooler parts of the day (either early or late), this reduces evaporation
  • Use mulch or compost in the garden to increase water absorption and moisture content in the soil
  • Install and use daily a pool cover or blanket to reduce evaporation
  • Use rainwater, captured via roof run off, to top up your pool or spa
  • Install a timer-based sprinkler or drip irrigation system
  • Plant tree, shrubs and gasses that are drought tolerant and water wise.

A couple of our townships have a dual water supply with both raw (unfiltered) water and drinking (filtered) water. Drinking water is for use within households while raw water is only for garden use. By ensuring you use raw water or untreated water in your garden, you are not only helping Council reduce the amount of drinking water it must produce, but it is also helping your back pocket as raw water is cheaper to use than drinking water.

Visit the Smart Water Advice website to discover more ways of reducing your water in your outdoor areas. You'll find extra tips and advice about rainwater tanks, garden designs, car washing and swimming pools....and much more!