Why is my Water Bill High?


Was your last water bill unusually high? Don’t forget water bills cover a period of four (4) months and there may be some simple explanations as to why your bill was higher than normal.

Extra people in your house

Did you know that by having one additional person in your house, your water consumption can increase by more than 1000 litres per week? If you have family or friends come and stay, this could explain why your water consumption has increased. If you have recently had a baby or family member permanently move it this could also explain your water consumption increasing.

Seasonal changes

Be sure you are comparing water consumption data with the same billing period from the previous year.

In warmer months you may use more water to keep your garden healthy and to top up your pool or spa. You may also wash your car, use an evaporative cooler, do more loads of washing or have longer showers at different times of the year.  All these things and more can significantly alter your water consumption.  

Correct meter read

Double check the meter reading on your bill. Is it higher or lower than your previous bill?

Pop out to the water meter (usually at the front of your property near the garden tap) and check that the meter number matches the number on the front of your bill. Also check the numbers on the meter, record them and compare them to the reading on your bill.

If the meter reading is lower than your previous read, we may have recorded your meter reading incorrectly. If this is the case, contact our Customer Experience Team on 03 5888 5100 and provide us with your current meter reading.

If your reading is higher than the number noted on your bill, it is likely we have read your meter correctly.

It is important to make sure you are reading the correct water meter as many properties have multiple meters, a raw water meter and a drinking water meter. There is an ID number on each meter so make sure you are comparing the correct meter. 


Sneaky leaks are the most common cause for a spike in your water bill.

Check around the home and garden for:

  • Damp spots, greener or longer grass in areas of the garden – these could indicated a damaged water pipe or underground leak
  • Leaks from appliances such as hot water systems, evaporative coolers, washing machines or dishwashers
  • Dripping taps both inside and outside the house – place a bucket, cup or container under the tap while your out, and if there is water in the buckets, cup or container it is likely the washer needs replacing
  • Slow trickle from the toilet cistern – add a few drops of food dye in the toilet cistern. 15min later check and see if there is any colour in the toilet bowl. If there is any colour in the bowl you could have a leak. Try flushing the loo and make sure the button pops all the way up. If the leak continues, you may need to contact a plumber.

Take the 2-minute test to check for leaks: it could help you track down the cause for your higher water bill.

Water play

Have you been spending more time in the pool or spa, or even running the sprinkler under the trampoline on hot days? These can be easy ways to use more water without realising it.

More time spent in the pool or spa, more people in them or changes in outside temperature can all lead to more frequent top-ups; leading to higher-than-normal water consumption.

Still doesn’t add up?

Contact our Customer Service Team and ask for some assistance. They may be able to provide additional information about your unusually high water bill, they can double check your meter reading and make sure it is correct on your bill, and they can assist with setting up a payment plan to provide extra time for you to pay.

Remember, when looking at your bill and trying to figure out your consumption, it is important to compare the water usage figure not the dollar figure. Water fees and charges do change slightly from year to year. It is more likely to be the amount of water used not the charges that will cause a spike in your bill cost.

No-one likes bill shock. Call us on 03 5888 5100 and we will see how we can help.